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Vintage furniture: The Desk Vase

flowers dripping over desk edge_Chantal Andrea Photography

“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” ~ Max Muller

Our 1890’s walnut secretary “Estelle” has had many uses. She has featured the guest book. Estelle has been the place to display and hold wedding favors.  Her mail slots have displayed cupcakes and make the sweetest cake table. Our favorite use for her has been when she is used to display flowers. Truly a focal point for an event, we love seeing her drawers, cubbies and slots spilling over with flowers. Vintage desk filled with flowers_Chantal Andrea Photography Estelle desk filled with flowers_Chantal Andrea Photography Flowers and vintage props in antique desk_Chantal Andrea Photography Estelle isn’t the only piece of vintage furniture we love seeing overflowing with buds and blossoms! Check out how romantic “Dante” our drawer cubby (shown with optional metal legs) filled with Botanique’s cream & blush garden roses and wonderfully drapey clematis looks. Dante wooden cubby filled with flowers_Chantal Andrea Photography

{Photos featured are from a Real Wedding Vintage Ambiance participated in at Herban Feast Catering and Events Sodo Park venue, with photos from Chantal Andrea Photography, and florals from Botanique.} 

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