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Vintage Classic but a little more Modern, Please!

  I laughed long and hard after watching Wedding Channels U Tube tribute to Bridal chatter.  “I want vintage chic. Like vintage classic but a little more modern.  Vintage chic, you know, urban chic with a like rustic twist.”  I love this!  It makes it sound as if wedding decor can be ordered through a drive-through!  But putting humor aside, the reality is that these phrases perfectly describe the multiple meanings that underlie the vintage wedding vogue.  What exactly is meant by vintage chic?  Or vintage rustic?  Or any of the other phrases that are being bantered about?  All I know is that what seems to be at the core is a yearning for a feeling of family. . . of familiarity. . . of intimacy. . . of more simple times.   Incorporating vintage pieces into a wedding can and do fulfill all of these basic human longings.  The best part is that vintage elements can support any design theme, whether it be romantic, trendy, sophisticated, or. . . a rustic twist. Whatever ‘kind’ of vintage you want, or whatever ‘meanings’ you use to describe it, if it’s vintage you want,  it’s vintage we have!  Vintage Ambiance provides vintage rentals to the greater Seattle area.

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