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Road-trippin’ through the Midwest

"Rita" my Pensky truck rental.

“Rita” my Pensky truck rental.

For all of you that don’t know, I have been traveling through the Midwest buying new inventory goodies. I’ve tried to Instagram pics but nothing is coming through. Yes, I am social media challenged! It’s been fairly slim pickings as I am pretty particular as to what I am looking for. BUT, what I have picked up is marvelous, including a wonderful mid century couch (that will get recovered) but I love it! And those of you that know me, will understand that it must be of a great design for me to say that. I have bought leather chairs, beautiful lace, great mid-western primitives, embossed tin ceiling sections, 1950’s barware, etc. And, because you have asked for it, wonderful floor and table lighting. All of this while dealing with 30 mile per hour headwinds, freezing temps (I only brought a sweater), a broken Penske truck, and active drug transactions in a Missouri motel.

I love being on the road!

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