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New Inventory Spotlight: Vintage Stools

Wedding heels on wood stool_Landon Jacob Photography

Landon Jacob Photography

Step stools have been around since ancient times beginning when the Egyptians crafted and used them to help royalty ascend to their high-seated chairs and to provide support to for their feet while sitting.  In the 1600s-1800s, footstools became more multifunctional and were not only used as footrests but also as seating. Today, we love seeing them mixed into vintage décor at weddings and events to hold wire baskets holding blankets for the guests to wrap themselves up on chilly NW nights with or as props for adding height to the bar and dessert bar tables, and our personal favorite, used for the iconic bridal shoes & veil photo! Here are a few of the new wooden step stools we have available for rent in the warehouse:  
Wyatt German Stool-vintage wooden stool

Wyatt German Stool

Tyne Stool-vintage wooden stool

Tyne Stool

Tatum French Stool-vintage wooden stool

Tatum French Stool

Ida Stool-vintage wooden stool

Ida Stool

Eva Stool-vintage wooden stool

Eva Stool

Faye French Stool-vintage wooden stool

Faye French Stool

Want vintage step stools for your photo shoot, wedding, or part? Contact us today at beckie@vintageambiance.com or 425.829.8570 to schedule a tour of the warehouse to see other vintage furniture and decor rentals are available or check availability and pricing for our vintage wooden stools.

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