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Happy New Year! A toast to the champagne glass

Nothing has quite the torrid history of creation like the celebrated champagne glass. Often claimed to have been molded in the shape of a breast, that of none other than Marie Antoinette and/or Madame de Pompadour, the Champagne coupe, in truth, has a much more humble beginning. Our favorite bubbly was invented in the 17th century by a Benedictine monk who discovered a way to trap bubbles of carbon dioxide in wine and the original Coupe shaped glass was designed and made in England especially for champagne around 1663.  Popular from the 1930’s through the 1960’s, this glass shape is famously known for those fabulous champagne towers with the bubbly cascading down from the top glass-a very popular pageantry in the speakeasies during the prohibition. Beautiful as they are, the Coupe shape causes champagne’s bubbles to be lost quickly, so the flute shape that we commonly use today has taken over. Whether you serve your guests in authentic Coupe glassware or enhance the vintage theme of your wedding through antique props during the cocktail hour (love how  New England Vintage Rentals uses a suitcase as the serving tray or how Mountain Side Bride mix and matched antique champagne flutes), we encourage you to raise your glass and toast to good friends, good health and “to being happy and free, and to a glass that’s never empty”.

Champange glasses Image credits: Justin & Mary Photography; kenichi nobusue via Buzzfeed; ModCloth; Mountain Side Bride; Elizabeth Messina Photography via Martha Stewart WeddingsSimply By Tamara Nicole/La Luz Photography

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